Creating Cities within a city

Kanakia, a real estate developer, wanted to break away from traditions and go from building the standard four wall and embellishing them a few luxury amenities to something more iconic.
The communication partner of Kanakia Group, cornerstone, came up with the suggestion to create landmark by recreating iconic global cities or places of global importance. The result was a city dotted with global cities that have become the talking point on the real estate industry and the clientele alike. And a brand journey that would ordinarily take 10 years to traverse was completed in two years. Kanakia become a household name. Most real estate developer are moving towards social media extensively and kanakia was no exception. But they realized to fulfil their mandate of becoming a leading player in the real estate industry, they would have to go several notches higher and use the medium best suited for it, that is print. Print was used innovatively to showcase their propertied with full page ads, front page jackets, special supplements in the publication that has the eye and mind of Mumbai like nothing else does – The Times of India. The hard-to-miss Kanakia ads, not only gave them the required exposure, but it also enhanced their brand credibility both within the industry and among their audience. Thus, establishing Kanakia not just a real estate developer but also as a real estate creator. Different campaigns tried to focus on different properties like Kanakia Paris, Kanakia Zen World, Kanakia Rainforest, Kanakia Miami, Kanakia Hollywood and Kanakia Wall Street.  These properties of Kanakia was a mix of residential as well as commercial properties. As most products came in premium range, it become essential of them to maintain that elegance throughout the campaign as well. These thoughtful developed projects were meaningfully presented. Kanakia homes and commercial properties were done by renowned architects and were largely spacious. The developer also managed to bag Real Madrid’s manager, Zinedine Zidane, to endorse their brand for Kanakia Paris Campaign. Thus, Creating a recall around its brand. The two full page ad featuring the coach displays a strong message very subtly. While the first page featured the large-size image of retired football player, the second page had him and the project of the developer in the background. The creative tried to play with words and the background by keeping ‘city living with style’ as the focus. The creative was developed to reach out to the home buyers who look for home beyond the ordinary. Getting an international football player in the cricket- worshipping country just puts the intention of the client out there clearly. Here the agency and the developer was standing out from the rest by developing this idea. The campaign for Kanakia Zen World was just not talking about the overall look of these houses but al the interiors or the liveable space. The developer wanted to bring out the calmness of the interiors in their creative which the agency was able to capture and presented it effectively which was possible only in the print medium. 

Corporate Office Address

Kanakia Spaces Realty Pvt. Ltd.
215-Atrium,10th floor, Next to Courtyard by Marriott Hotel,
Opp. Divine Child High School, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (East),
Mumbai - 400 093, India

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